Sunday, January 24, 2010

Harmony in Health

A little over a year ago, we were fortunate enough to meet a wonderful woman named Victoria. She is a music therapist and runs Harmony in Health. Evan started music lessons in September and today was in his first concert. He did amazing well. The whole concert was very touching, as we watched young people who daily face challenges in life make music.

The young people came out waving rainbow ribbons to the song of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow".

Evan did a solo on the tone bells!!

Evan and his wonderful music teacher, Victoria!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

An Abandoned Baby

A baby was abandoned by his parents on our doorstep late last night.

They left one diaper with us!! And a note that read, "we need a break, see you Monday??"

I think he is too cute to give back. What do you think??

Friday, January 15, 2010


We won today!! What a surprised!! Mike and I walked into K-Mart to buy a few things. At the check out, the cashier pushes a red "KChing!" button and says "YOU WON!!" How exciting!! We didn't even know it was possible to win anything at K-Mart!! I ask her, "what did we win?". My mind is racing, what could it be, a new TV maybe, or how about a refrigerator, or some chocolate, or how about just some money!! She didn't know yet, it would print out on the receipt. Well, low and behold, she pulls of the receipt and....we won a 24 tablet bottle of Ibuprofen!! Just what I always wanted to win!! What a lucky day!!

Just wanted to share. You might want to go to K-Mart too!! Maybe, you could win some Tums or Pepto Bismo!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Here is how the conversation went the other day when I was helping to fix his favorite lunch for when he is a little under the weather, Top Ramen.

“Aren’t I the most awesomest mom??”

Total silence, while I’m just looking at him, waiting patiently for the answer.

Then Evan asks, “What was the question??”

“Aren’t I the most awesomest mom??”

Silence again.

“I suppose it’s possible!”

Five minutes later while he is eating his lunch, out of the blue he says,

“That wasn’t quite the answer you were looking for, was it?”

To which, I told him “not really”, then I went on about how much I help him and told him “I quit”, Dad can help you with everything from now on.”

Half an hour later we are playing a game, and out of the blue...

“You were just kidding about quitting, weren’t you??”

I laughed through the whole thing.

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