About Me

For each year of life, one thing about me.

1. I'm shy.

2. And an introvert.

3. I was born in the East.

4. But grew up in the West.

5. I grew up with three brothers.

6. An no sisters (boo hoo) but I do have four sister-in-laws!!

7. I have six half siblings that I did not find until I was an adult two of them are sisters!!  Yeah!!

8. I met my wonderful husband at Disneyland.

9. We went to the same high school, were in the same senior English Lit class but never talked to each other.

10. I have been pregnant seven times.

11. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, then we couldn't stop having babies. LOL

12. I am a 16 year breast cancer survivor.

13. I am NOT good at math.

14. I used to be a LVN, Licensed Vocational Nurse.

15. I have been a parent for 35 years!! So, I guess I'm still a nurse.

I6. I love my in-laws, they are great people.

17. I love to work in my garden.

18. and watch the birds

19. I love the ocean, but NOT to play in the water. I love the sounds and smells and sights!!

20. I love to camp.

21. Really hot weather makes me grouchy.

22. I used to play the flute in my high school band.

23. I can play the piano just a little bit.

24. I listen to country music.

25. I do not like housework.

26. I consider myself a disorganized person.

27. My family did NOT have a religion growing up.

28. I am convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

29. I love having the Gospel in my life.

30. I love the peace that being in the Temple brings to me.

31. I love doing my family history and have 707 names in my Personal Ancestry File.

32. I totally love being a grandma!!! Well, who wouldn't with such great little grandsons and a granddaughter!!!

33. My maternal grandparents were born in Italy.

34. My paternal grandparents were born in America, they are Irish and French-Canadian.

35. I only had one grandparent alive when I was born.

36. I can't wait to meet my family on the other side.

37. My favorite color is green.

38. My second favorite color is blue.

39. I love being in the outdoors, thus my favorite colors are green and blue!!!

40. I love chocolate!!!

41. I have driven across the country three times in my life.

42. I would love to go again, there is still lots to see.

43. I love Yellowstone National Park.

44. I don't like big crowds.

45. I don't like big cities, especially to live there.

46. I have been on TV a few times!! Thanks Evan for the national Television exposure!!

47. I went to 11 different schools from first grade to high school graduation.

48. I love Christmas!!!

49. I have type 2 diabetes, but not bad. I don't take medicine just watch what I eat and exercise.

50. I hate to fly, but love to look out the window when I do.

51. I never smoked in my life.

52. Or drank alcohol.

53. I sing soprano in the church choir, but have an alto voice!! (I'm working on it)

54. As a teenager, I made a lot of own clothes, but don't sew much anymore.

55. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Without them none of this would be possible.

56. I am an early bird. 

57. And I always eat a good breakfast.  

58.  I have been ziplinning but will never ever bungee jump or skydive.

59. The age of my children bothers me more than my current age. 

60. I like things simple. I think it comes from my peasant heritage. 

61. I know how to drive a stick shift. 

1 comment:

Laurel said...

Such a wonderful and inspiring journey. I am glad we are sisters!

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