Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Joys and Challenges

We took a little Christmas season trip to Utah and Idaho. We had joyous occasions to celebrate. The birth of a new grandson, the marriage of our nephew and of course Christmas itself!  Of course as with anything sometimes there are challenges along the way.  Hopefully, we learn something from some of them.  So without further ado I will share our challenges first.


1. Driving in the snow was challenging.  At one point on the freeway we were going 25 to 35 mph. We saw many accidents along the highway that day.  It was a little scary.   And, did you know "they" make different kinds of windshield wiper fluid?  Did you know if you don't have the right kind your windshield wiper fluid can freeze?  Frozen windshield wiper fluid does not work so well.  We found that out the hard way. Fortunately, we made it safely off the freeway after a semi truck sprayed us with ugly brown slush!  Phew!

2. We were driving out in the middle of the California desert when all of a sudden Mike's cell phone called me!  Hmm, I am sitting next to him, he is driving, why is he calling me?  Turns our he dropped his phone somewhere along the Interstate.  Fortunately, an honest person found it and will be sending it to us.

3.  Dental issues, at least teeth can be fixed.


1. See our newborn grandson, Callan Victor soon after birth.  There is something very special about little ones straight from Heaven.

2. Visiting our long-time friend Gayla in American Falls.  We used to work together at St. Anthony's Hospital in Pocatello over 39 years ago.  We worked night shift, and not only enjoyed working together but had fun in our off hours too!

3. Attending the sealing of our nephew, Nathan to his brand new bride Kayla in the Idaho Fall Temple.  We also enjoyed visiting with Richard and Laurel and some of their children.  It was great to stay in the same hotel as them and just visit and catch up.

4. We took little Aiden for a day, while his mom and dad adjusted to a newborn. That was fun!  He is a busy little boy. I love his enthusiasm for life!

4. Spending time with David, Sariah and their children is always fun. They seem to especially enjoy their Grandpa!

5.  We attended Music and the Spoken Word. What a powerful performance.

6. Little Callan was blessed in church while were there.  So, nice to have all our three sons in the circle together.

7. We attended the temple with David and Sariah that was very special too!

The joys always outweigh the challenges!!

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