Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fabulous Friday's Forever Family Featuring...

my five year old grandson, Andrew!!! What can I say about you Andrew?? I miss your laughter, your incessant chatter, your laughter and smiles. !! I miss sitting with you at church, and your hugs and kisses!! Did mention I miss your laughter???

I was there when you were born, in fact I was able to help your Daddy give you your very first bath! What a special memory! You were so beautiful and perfect, straight from Heaven.

What fun we had doing the landscaping together!! My oh my, how you like those redwood shavings!!!

A chocolate lover just like grandma!!

Here you are young Jedi Andrew taking after Uncle Evan.

You always liked to pick my flowers!!

Andrew I love how compassionate and caring you are. You really love Uncle Evan and don't care about his wheelchair!

There's that grandpa spoiling you with candy again!!!
We have had lots of fun dancing at weddings!! Boy, can you groove!!
Andrew your are growing up to be an incredible boy. I know you want to grow to up fast and be an adult. I remember when you were a baby, you seemed so frustrated not to be able to get up and walk like everyone else. When you were a toddler, one day we were downtown. We parked the car and got out. You went over to the parking meter and reached for something in your pocket. I couldn't believe that at such a young age you actually wanted to put money in the parking meter!! You are just too cute for words!! I look forward to all the years ahead that we can have fun together! Thanks for all the letters you send me!! I love them. I will see you at Christmas time! I'm sure we will have a blast. Love, Grandma!!


Aprilyn said...

What a great tribute. I know Andrew is such a good boy. I've met him several times. He was quiet..compared to my kids at least..but observant. When his Mom was teaching ASL in my son's class last year, Andrew would come along and sit quietly looking at books in the reading corner of the classroom. I was totally amazed. He sure is cute too. What a great kid! Don't grow up too fast bud.

Katie said...

Cuteness runs in the family!
By the way, mom, I did find my poetry book. It was in Brad's grandfather's chest in the garage. Yikes!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

That first photo is worthy of a magazine spread. Did you take it? Aren't we lucky to be able to share these children that are coming now?

This was a lovely tribute to one of "your" children.

A Flowered Purse said...

aw what a sweetie pie!!! He looks just like his grandpa!!

Catherine said...

You know, you're not only the memory of your past family, but even for your descendants! I think you're the strong link between all of them.
I love this kind of "tracking" as at the Cinema : From their birth to who they are actually. Has any of your (grand)children told you : " Oh! no, mom, not this picture of me!" Mine sometime tell it to me, but for a mom, her children are always gorgeous.
You can be proud of them all, as they are of you, I'm sure.

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