Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Birthday, A Blessing and A Baptism

We had a very busy weekend. Family started arriving on Friday afternoon, and didn't leave until Monday!! Here are just some of the great things we got to do!!

Saturday we celebrated Spencer's "It's Great to Be Eight birthday"!! He had a fun day. He said "WOW" a lot!!

Easter Sunday little Leah was given a Blessing ( similar to a christening) in our church. Here are just some of the Elders who were able to help with that ordinance.
From left to right, Mike, John, Brad, David with Leah, Joey and in the front Evan!!

Also on Easter Sunday, Spencer was baptized by his Dad. I'm proud of Spencer. He wanted to "Chose the Right" and get baptized. He was incredibly happy all day long! It was so great to see him take this big step. He is wearing the same outfit I made David when he was baptized. Actually all my sons wore that outfit!!

More about our weekend will be in future blog posts.


Laurel said...

What an awesome weekend! Congratulations on a baby blessed and a grandson baptized. How wonderful.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Oh, Cindy. That has got to be the best week-end ever! I loved the pictures and loved that your grandson wore the baptism outfit that your boys did. You are such a woman! My hat is off to you. Congratulations.

SuperCoolMom said...

What a great weekend! How fun to be able to get baptized with all the family together. Our stake insists on all 8 yr olds at the Stake Baptism - which, frankly, I don't love.

Catherine said...

So if I 've well undestood, First, the baby receive a blessing/christening, then, later, child "ask" for Batism "by hilmself". It's a kind of confirmation? (You know, Cindy, I'm curious, and I'm convinced that our world would be easy-going if people tried to understand each others without judging each others.)
I'm persuaded you were proud of them all. I love the picture with all the family men "protecting" little Leah.

Cindy said...

Thank you so much for asking, Catherine. In our church, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints", a baby is given a "name and a blessing". During this ordinance men who hold the Priesthood lay hands on the baby and pronounce what the baby's name will be and then proceed to give the baby a blessing. The name they give is the start of the baby's official church membership record.

Then at age eight when a child is better able to understand the concept of sin they can choose to join the church by getting baptized after which they are also confirmed a member of the church. At this time they are also given the Gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost can be their constant companion as long as they are worthy.

I think the difference between most churches is that we believe that little babies and children are not yet capable of sin. They first need to have an understanding of the difference between right and wrong. It's our job as parents to teach them that concept.

I'm not sure exactly what confirmation is in other church's. Do you mind explaining that to me. Does that happen when a child is older? I'm assuming you are a Catholic since you mentioned Mass in your blog. I so appreciate my Catholic ancestors and how devoted most were to their religion.

Just a little background. Both of my parents were raised in the Catholic Church, but fell away by the time they married. When my brothers and I were growing up we never ever attended church as a family. Very sad to me. I would go to different churches with neighbors or friends. Mostly Protestant Churches. Then when I was twenty-five and pregnant with my second child, we visited a Sunday service of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. My husband's brother was a member and his family was visiting our home. So we went with them. We enjoyed our visit and wanted to raise our family in a Church. So we meet with the missionaries and read the Book of Mormon. We prayed about it and felt that it was the right Church for us to join. It has been absolutely wonderful to raise our family in this Church.

Sorry this answer was so long. Thanks if you read this far.

Aprilyn said...

What a neat weekend for your family! Spencer looks happy and the song was great. Someone is good at harmony in your family. :) I thought only my family sang Happy Birthday in 4 part harmony. lol

Katie said...

That is Sariah's family with the harmony. It was a really fun weekend. I am sad that it ended so quickly.

Liz said...

What a great sunday, a baby blessing and a baptism all in the same family.

Catherine said...

Thank you, Cindy. I've understood the meaning of this Special Day for Spencer, Leah, and your whole family. Thanks to give me your time and your words to explain. Your religion is a bit mysterious for me. Maybe in U.S. it is better known, if people are not so "walled" (that's the word in France). It means people, in general, ignore and don't want to know people thinking differently. I'm not that kind of person.
In catholic religion, in summary, the Priest give Baptism to the baby. His soul belongs to the church. Then, older, at the age of "reason", about 10 years old, after having studied Bible with Church members, the young child ask for becoming member by himself, it's his Confirmation = He confirms his willing to be a member of Catholic Church. He confirms the decision his parents made 10 years before.
Similitude, no?
There're many differences in addition, I guess. It would be matter for other posts and comments. Thanks again.

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