Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Golf Tips

You are probably wondering in your head right now, "How could Cindy know anything about golf???" Well, I want you to know that while my personal golf skills leave nothing to be desired, I have great observational skills. Thus, I can see what has worked well for others. And I'm very willing to share. I have video to show exactly what to do.

The first video shows the crochet shot. Watch how Evan hits the ball perfectly. He did eventually get the ball in, but due to camera failure, I was unable get that shot!!

This second video is an example of the floating golf ball shot. As you can see the ball never really even goes into the hole because it does NOT sink!! Do not, I repeat do NOT play golf during flooding.

This last video is an example of the "Happy Dance"!! Feel the joy, when you sink that ball in the hole, and do a dance. Andrew shows a great example of that kind of happiness!!

I hope you enjoyed these examples of golfing skills! I'm happy to share this advice free of charge. No need to thank me!!


SuperCoolMom said...

Now those are some serious skilz! That's my kind of sport!

Katie said...

I loved the happy dance! Why was the golf course flooded?

Matteo said...

Looks like fun!

Catherine said...

Like this happy-dance-feet-in-the-water. What does Andrew remember? Is it the golf by itself or just the part in the water?

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