Sunday, May 18, 2008

52 Blessing Project - Week Twenty

My Testimony
Several years ago, every morning at 6 am I would meet a friend at the beach and we would walk for one hour. One morning my friend didn't show up and I ventured out on my own. It was much harder to walk without a friend to chat with and make the time fly. The beach was virtually empty that morning of other human beings. Two miles up to the rocks where the beach ended and then I turned around like normal. This one particular morning when I turned around the most glorious sunrise ever greeted me!! I just was taken away with the beauty. I thought how amazing!! There is no way that "man" could ever make anything as amazing as a sunrise! I wondered how people could not believe in God. Since I was the only person I could see, I felt like that particular sunrise was a gift just for me. I felt a tangible love overcome me. It was like Heavenly Father wrapped me in his arms with a Fatherly hug and said "this is for you, I love you"!

I have no doubt that I have a Heavenly Father who loves me. I can feel that love when I look at the beauties of the earth and felt it very strong on that morning alone on the beach. I have felt it in times of my life when I didn't think I could feel peace, but I did!!

A few weeks ago during a babies blessings something touched my heart. The Elder giving the blessing said something like "your parents will be a blessing in your life, just as you are a blessing in theirs". It made me think of my relationship with my Heavenly Father. While I can definitely feel Heavenly Father's blessings in my life, I try to be a blessing in His life also. I know there have been times when maybe I felt like a burden, when I wasn't doing the things I know I should be doing. But, He is always there to love me and lift me no matter what.

I know that Jesus Christ is Heavenly Father's son and that He came and lived on this earth. He showed a depth of love that is at times difficult for me to comprehend. He sacrificed for me so that I could have the opportunity to live again with Him and my Heavenly Father. Because of Him I can be with my earthly family for eternity.

My testimony of the gospel encompasses much than that and is an incredible blessing in my life. Knowing that I'm a daughter of Heavenly Father helps everything else to fit into place. It makes me want to pray and read my scriptures and be the best wife and mother I can be and be of service to others and just follow the example of my Savior, Jesus Christ. I think my testimony is the most important blessing of all.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


SuperCoolMom said...

What a beautiful testimony. Thank you for sharing it!

Catherine said...

I love the way you "speak", you get a clear knowing of your link with God. No doubt appearing. Thta's Great!

Laurel said...

What depth of gratitude is mine in knowing that you have a deep and abiding testimony. It strengthens me and I am sure it is a strength to your family and mine. love ya.

carrie & troy keiser said...

What a beautiful testimony! Thanks for sharing it! I shudder top think of life without a testimony. I

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