Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Pictures!!

April and Matteo are happy to be out of the hospital with their little Tommy!

Uncle Evan gently holding Thomas.

Yawn. Thomas is like most newborns, he has confused the night and day!!

I was surprised about the security device they put on babies now a days.


The following pictures I took just for Katie, because she loves pigs! These are from a little shopping center where we went to have lunch on Saturday!! The fountain made me laugh!!


Laurel said...

becareful in posting new babies and pigs...there is some real competition there. I am glad that April and baby are out of the hospital. Hope all is going well. Katie enjoy the pigs.

Catherine said...

Little Tommy seems SO little in Ewan's arms!
Cindy, I'm also surprised by the new technology concerning security! Those are not arrived yet, in France! What kind of world we live in to be obliged to fasten such security device on a so little newborn's ankel. But he is so precious!

Katie said...

Thanks for the pigs mom! Tommy is so cute, what a precious gift! I know April will be a great mommy.

Crissybug said...

Little babies are soooo cute. I can't believe that my little Thomas isn't that small anymore.

SuperCoolMom said...

Hey Cindy - Regarding your question on the glass painting. They won't usually break if you put them in a cool oven, and let them heat up with the oven temp. Then you need to just leave them in there to cool down slowly too.

Try it! Soooo fun!

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