Sunday, August 24, 2008

52 BLESSING PROJECT Week Thirty-Four


My first born turned 32 years old this past week!! My oh my!! I can't believe I have a 32 year old child!

I am very grateful for David in my life. It is hard to be a firstborn and have your parents practice parenting on you!! However, I think that David has survived very well. It is a joy and a delight to see how well he parents his own children.

David was a very active little baby. He was walking at nine months, at ten months he had it with nursing, there was a world to explore forget sitting on mom's lap!! He would go up to anybody and start talking. So much for watching out for strangers.
David had beautiful curly hair as a toddler. I loved to play with his ringlets!! Why is it that that boys had curlier hair than the girls?

David is fun loving and has a great sense of humor!

David has been faithful and has a strong testimony of the gospel. Here is a picture on his baptism day.

He served a Spanish speaking mission in Morristown New Jersey, it was kind of like a foreign mission in the United States. He had a great "inner city" experience which is quite different from our rather rural area!!

When he came home from his mission he gave Sariah a call one day, they were just friends who had met at young conference. They fell in love and were married in the San Diego Temple.

When Spencer was born with all of his challenges, David handled everything with great faith. It was amazing to see.

It was so fun when they lived close and we could watch Spencer and Andrew grow. We missed them all when they moved, but I know they are where they are suppose to be and it is exciting to see how the whole family has thrived in Utah. And now David has a Master's Degree in "computer geek". (I say that lovingly, I know that David has always loved computers and is really good at it too!!). Well, it's really Information Systems Management.

You it's really hard when you send your first child out into the world. You wonder, have I done all I could do, have I taught him everything he needs to know to be successful! You know that your family will never be the same again and it feels like somehow like you have lost something. But the amazing thing is that you gain so much in return. Just look at the beautiful family above! David, I love you and your family so much! I am so pleased with the wonderful person you have become! I could not have asked for a better first born child!! Happy Birthday!!


Laurel said...

I remember when you came to visit us very pregnant. Then you left to see your dad and came back with David. He cried and cried. Mike walked him all around the house. As he walked he told David this is the wall, this is a door, this is a window...this is a sink...everything he saw he explained to David. Somewhere I have a before and after picture.

Cindy said...

I guess I should have mentioned, how David was born in San Diego, but we lived in the San Francisco Bay Area. My father had heart surgery and we went down to see him and David decided to come a little early.

Yes, Mike loved to walk our baby's around and tell them about everything in the house!! Funny, I don't remember stopping at your house, but you certainly were on the way!! Guess I had a lot on my mind!! Where has the time flown???

Laurel said...

Time flys by ever so quickly. I have a couple of funny pictures of us standing in front of the garage before you left to see your dad. When you came back with David we took the pictures again. I will have to find them and post them. Give you a laugh or two.

Cindy said...

I would love to see that!!

Katie said...

David was a cute little baby. It must run in the family.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

happy birthday to your oldest. I agree that the oldest child is the experiment.... poor kids it's a wonder they survive our learning! Great blessing.

Matteo said...

David and President Monson were both born on August 21st, they both grew up with 2 brothers and 3 sisters, they both have 2 sons and 1 daughter, and they both earned a Master's at BYU.

Cindy said...

Wow, I didn't know that!! Thanks for sharing!!

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