Saturday, August 16, 2008

Obeying the Prophet

Today I went way outside my comfort zone and obeyed the Prophet's call to help protect traditional marriage by passing Proposition 8 in California. In June a letter was read from the First Presidency to all wards in California asking for support of time and means to the Protect Marriage Coalition. This is a group of organizations, individuals and churches working to pass Proposition 8 in California. Proposition 8 places into the California constitution the following words

"Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid and recognized in California."

This was the first of three Saturdays that we have been asked to donate three hours of our time to walk the precincts and talk to people about the proposition. We are not to argue with anyone, but only educate people who want to listen and to find like minded people who wish to preserve traditional marriage. I was able to team with Bonnie, a wonderful sister from a neighboring ward whom I had never met before. We made a great team as we went door to door. It was a little scary a first. I did the talking and she did the paper work and navigating. We made a great team together. Most people were very kind. Some people simply said they would keep their opinions to themselves. Only one person shut the door in our face and several people shared strong feelings agreeing with us.

I came home feeling happy that I had followed the prophets will and look forward to going out again next Saturday. I am really praying that this proposition passes because it is scary to think where our society is headed.


Aprilyn said...

I have another friend who lives in California who posted this on her blog too. Is this just in California though? I don't think I'd make a difference but I'll post something about it on my blog.

April and Matteo said...

Good job Mom!
I helped by sorting addresses.
i hope the proposition passes.

Cindy said...

For now it's just in California, but I think other states are considering passing propositions also. The sad thing is the State Attorney General changed the wording on the ballot, after just four judges overturned the will of the people, to say the this proposition would take peoples rights away. Very frustrating!!

April sorting addresses sounds pretty important to me!!

Laurel said...

Great Job. Thank you for doing such an important task. I am glad that you did it. I remember taking around a petition years ago in California, I think it too had something to do with the homosexuals perhaps teaching in schools or something to do with consenting adults. I remember knocking on one door where the husband felt one way and his wife another...I do believe it started a rather heated argument between them. The issues are real and people are very sensitive to their own opinions. I know that it is out of your comfort zone and I am proud of you for stepping up and out on such an important issue.

Chino Blanco said...

I realize this is a contentious issue and don't mean to cause offense, but I agree with the folks below who aren't in the middle of pushing a bunch of election-year hype:

Senator Barry Goldwater:

The founder of the conservative wing of the Republican Party and nominee for President in 1964 was very outspoken on civil rights. He stated, “To see the party that fought communism and big government now fighting the gays, well, that’s just plain dumb.”

Conservative activist Ward Connerly:

"For anyone to say that this is an issue for people who are gay and that this isn't about civil rights is sadly mistaken. If you really believe in freedom and limited government, to be intellectually consistent and honest you have to oppose efforts of the majority to impose their will on people."

Oregon Republican (and Mormon) Sen. Gordon Smith:

“Part of what I fear, as you start defining marriage — we have a long history of doing that in this country, and my Mormon pioneer ancestors were the victims of that. They were literally driven from the United States in the dead of winter for following their religious beliefs. I don’t want that coming back, but there are some on the front pages of your newspapers who are trying to now.”

I just don't understand Mormon enthusiasm for denying equality before the law to an unpopular minority.

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