Thursday, October 30, 2008


This week we took a short trip up North to see some of Evan's specialists!! Tuesday morning we saw Dr. Wong the kidney doctor. Despite a lovely little kidney stone, Evan's kidney's are staying healthy. The stone is not currently causing any problems so Evan just has to drink lots and lots of water. I guess that means I get to nag!! What fun for me!! Since our next appointment wasn't until Wednesday at 1 pm. We decided that...well, I decided that I wanted to hold a grandbaby!! Mike didn't complain!! So we drove the two hours to Sacramento and spent the night up there to get a baby fix!!

Awe, it was so worth it!! Little Tommy is adorable. He is a very easy going, happy little guy!!

It was fun to see April and Matteo too!!

We went out to dinner at FATS, and had really yummy Chinese food!!

Look how Tommy loves his Mommy!!! I think he looks like Ethan M in this picture, what do you all think?? Something in his expression reminded me of Ethan. Well, they are cousins, so could be?

Wednesday morning we got up early and left to go back down to Stanford, this time to see Dr. Robinson the pulmonologist. Evan has been on his BiPap machine (used to treat sleep apnea) for a year now. Dr. R thought Evan looked great too!! That's what we like!! Doctor visits where there are no new medications or diagnoses or treatments!!! Don't you just love status quo!! I do!!


Katie said...

Yay Evan! Tommy is getting big. He is so cute!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Okay, you are OFF the "fired" list. I see you nagged Evan.

Great news all around and the grandbaby is beeeautiful.

Aprilyn said...

Cute pictures. I'm glad you got a grandbaby fix. :) I think he looks like Andrew. Isn't that David and Sariah's son? Sorry if it isn't. I'm bad with names.

P.S. how do you change the size and color of your text like that? I've always wondered.

Cindy said...

Yes, Andrew is D&S's youngest son. Andrew has big brown eyes like Tommy!!

When you are composing your post there are some icons on the little tool bar in the box on the top in the light brown shaded area. It looks a lot like the a word processer program. You can change font, the "tT" changes text size. The T with the colorful box changes color. Have fun!!

David said...

So when are you going to come get your grand-daughter fix?

Cindy said...

Oh, how much I would love to come see you guys!! Could you move a little closer please???

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