Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Angels

Not to brag or anything, but Rachel, Joey, Evan and I became angels today. We went gift giving for "Angels Bearing Gifts".

Tina lives a group home and has no family to give her presents on Christmas. So, we had the honor of brightening her Christmas. I'm just trying to figure out whose Christmas became more brighter, hers or ours??? I think it was ours!!

Tina lives life with enthusiasm, and loves unconditionally, that was very evident just spending a few minutes with her. We all got hugs! We were all dubbed "Dodo"!! That is the name Tina gives anyone she likes, so it's a term of endearment!! Who knew???

Evan and Tina

Tina was great at giving hugs, I think we were all hugged at least four times!!

It was so fun to watch Tina open her presents with such abandon!!

Evan, Cindy, Joey, Rachel and Tina

Do you notice Katie in the background there? She is another one of the ladies that lives with Tina in this group home. She is going home to spend Christmas with her family, so we had no gifts to bring to her. I was actually feeling bad for the two other ladies that were home when we arrived, because we had no presents to give them. We were just given Tina's name, so had no idea what to expect when we arrived at her house. Otherwise I would have brought some other little goodie or something. But, then, the most remarkable thing happened. Before we left Katie gave me a big hug! I mean a really big tight squeeze!!! I was afraid she would not let go!!! She said, "Merry Christmas! Just by coming by you have made my Christmas!" Wow, how does that work??


Aprilyn said...

I love how she has to gear up for her hugs...get a running start! Absolutely wonderful! She looks like one remarkable lady.

Susan, Susie, Suz said...

I truly enjoyed that!

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