Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday's Memories


Twice in my life I have had big moving days in January. The first was in 1960 when I was only six years old. My family traveled by car clear across the country from Laconia, New Hampshire to Inglewood, California. That old Rambler was loaded up and pulling a trailer with all our belongings.

It was such an adventure for our family!! I remember it being a very long drive. We slept at Travel Lodge's across the country and had fun looking for the Sleepy Bear logo!! I can't believe it is still around today.

Back in those days, there were no DVD players in automobiles or electronic toys to occupy bored little boys and girls. I'm just not sure how we possibly survived!! We had fun with coloring books and my favorite travel game, sliding puzzles!!

(Anyone else remember these?? I used to be really good at this!!)

The one thing that totally surprised me in our travels was the desert!! What a difference from the freezing, snowy land we left behind. Sand, sand and more sand. Oh, and a few cactus thrown in here and there!! When we arrived in Los Angeles it was a little culture shock. We rented a little house. I remember my Dad burning trash in the incinerator one day, when the police came by for a visit.
Apparently it was against the law to use the incinerator, but no one told us. I think that back East a friendly neighbor or even the landlord would have warned us first before calling the authorities.

Anyway, that's how I became a California girl!! I'm a nice one too!!

Next week, I will tell you about our fun move from Humboldt County to the Central Coast. When U-Haul says "Adventures in Moving" they aren't kidding!! Do they still say that?? Do they care, that I'm advertising for them by providing a hyper-link?? Probably not.

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Catherine said...

Nice memories, Cindy. What a car! They had style.
And , yes I remember these skiding puzzles, even in France.

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