Saturday, January 3, 2009

Our Christmas

We had a fun Christmas holiday that lasted almost two weeks. We were surrounded by our children and grandchildren that we only see rarely. What could be better?? Everyone was able to make it to our house except for John and Amy and we missed them dearly!! But, work must come first and it did!!

Here's our Christmas in pictures. I hope you enjoy!

Christmas Eve we lite a fire and it was so beautiful with the Christmas tree. The warmth of the fire and the lights of the tree reminded me of our Savior whose birth we celebrate and the warmth and light He brings to all.

Katie and Rachel brought beautiful music into our home.

Little Leah and Tommy our two youngest grandbabies! Now isn't this adorable!!

All four grandchildren together for the first time. Spencer and Andrew were so happy to see little Tommy. By the time we put all four together for a picture the babies had just about had enough!!

Evan was thrilled to receive a Weird Al DVD to drive his mom crazy!!

Spencer was a little snuggle bug!!

David, Sariah, Spencer, Leah and Andrew show off their Cougar pride!!

We had lovely weather in the 70's!! (I know we are spoiled.)

Everyone had fun with the Wii!! Spencer loved helping Rachel with Wii Fit!!

Leah finally let me hold her!! David put her to sleep and I held her while he packed. Otherwise this would have never happened. She just likes her Mommy and Daddy!!

I have a ton more pictures and will post about our New Year's Celebrations soon!!


Aprilyn said...

Great pictures Cindy. It looks like Christmas was wonderful at your house. Tell Evan I think he has an awesome sense of humor! I LOVE Wierd Al! Hehehe.

Laurel said...

Wonderful to have everyone at home...Amy and John do not know what they were missing. The pics were wonderful. I am so glad you had them around you this time. I understand Evan's sense of humor and your ability to be driven crazy by Weird Al...I have similiar sentiments.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Great photos, I can almost feel the loving spirit that was there. The grandchildren are beeeutiful. Even the boys. Don't tell them.

Evan's laugh is contagious. Everyone should be that happy every day, don't you think?

Tell Evan the temperature is 21 degrees and it's snowing.

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