Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday's Memories - Stitches

Isn't it funny, that growing up as the only sister among three brothers, I was the one with the most stitches. Actually, I'm pretty sure I was the ONLY one who ever got stitches. And not just once, or twice, but three times!!

The first time I was in third grade, maybe fourth. It happened in school, in the bathroom of all places. There was a door missing in one of the stalls, and I thought it would be fun to reach my hands up to the bar that was over the missing the door and swing!! I guess the monkey bars in the playground did not satisfy my urge to swing. Well, when my shin made contact with the door hinge that was sticking out, it wasn't a pretty sight!! I had to go back to class with a bleeding shin, was sent to the office, parents called and off to get stitches. I was embarrassed it happened in the bathroom.

The second time, I was in high school. My brothers had locked me out of the house. I was mad and wanted to get back in immediately!! So, not thinking, I banged on the glass part of the door instead of the wood!! Not a good thing for my hand. I had three lacerations that required stitches that time. Actually I looked like I slit my wrist. I learned, never, ever knock on the glass part of a door!! Find the wood!

The third time, was about a year later. I was up on stepping stool getting down a glass jar of pickles, and somehow stumbled on the way down, broke the jar and cut my hand again. In fact the same hand as last time.

So, there you have it. I'm just a clumsy person!! I have had a few stitches here and there as an adult too!! Just keep me away from sharp things!! I have never broken a bone though!! Have you ever injured yourself??


Catherine said...

I have had some on the forehead at 3 or 4 falling on a liitle metal model car.
The others, later, as an adult, with surgeries (the worst was a peritonitis, my belly with stitches and skin clips looked like a zipper) !

Olivia Lee Tringham Lyman said...

Yikes! Those injuries sound painful, Cindy. I received stitches in my chin when I was about 8. I was climbing up a metal slide, and slipped at the top and split my chin open. I also broke my collar bone playing crack the whip with Lisa and Amy Meyash and Kristen on the grass in front of Shell Beach School (I was the one in the back, being "cracked"). Ouch!

SuperCoolMom said...

I've had my fair share of bruises, but no stitches or broken bones!

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