Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Unique Names

It's day three of Celebrate Your Name week.

It's unique name day. Do you know someone with a unique name?

In my heritage there are some very unique names. Take Nelson for example, I think that is a rather unique given name. Added to that he has a somewhat unique surname, Constantineau. No wonder he would just go by the name Teno.

Then there is Outchibahabaokoueou Manithabehick, who married Roch Manitouabeouich. They were members of the Huron Nation. You can read about them here and another interesting item about their daughter here. One day while play around in Family Tree, this couple showed up as my tenth great grandparents. I have not verified yet that they are indeed my ancestors but it's all very intriquing to me.

As an amateur genealogist I have to say that I love unique names!! It makes it so much easier to find your ancestors.

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Catherine said...

Do you mean, Cindy, this large 12 generation family makes part of your ancestors. Really ?
At the begining, they get all French names and first names since they come from Canada. We get so many usual family names like these.
Very interesting.

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