Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am participating in a new meme. It is called Slice of Life. Click on the link on my side bar to read more about this fun project. Every week, I will have a prompt to write about something in my life. Today's prompt is Firsts!!

My First Date

Almost 40 years ago I went on my very first date. It was with a guy who I met at my high school graduation all night party at Disneyland. We were actually in the same English class and never, ever talked to each until that night. We exchanged phone numbers in the morning and he called me a for date. I was a little nervous, but was looking forward to having some fun. We went to see the movie:

What a boring movie!! Probably the worse movie of all time. We both hated the movie, there was no dialog. Ok, I take that back, the only dialog was: "Hello, Dave". Movies are not good first dates. You don't get to talk. Anyway, I was quiet and he was quiet and we didn't really hit it off.

Lucky for me, he gave me another chance. It was several months later and he was home from Navy Boot Camp. The next date we went to Knott's Berry Farm. We laughed and talked and had lots of fun! We started writing letters after that and would date when he was on leave. In July we will celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary. It's amazing we survived that first date.


hummer said...

Love it. Ned loved the music. But the movie did not offer alot.
Thanks for sharing,

Texasblu said...

Oh that's wonderful!! It made me smile - life isn't what they show in the movies, huh? That's good advice - for some reason folks always go to the movies for dates, and you're right - they're not good for getting to know someone.

Thanks for sharing with us this week! I look forward to getting to know you better - that was a great first! :)

Little Miss Sunshine said...

Wow, what a great first and what a great story to tell your children of your beginnings. I didn't even remember the first time my husband and I met, another story, lol!

Laurel said...

Great First and great posting. I am glad you two made it past that first date...or we wouldn't be related.

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