Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sneaky Snakes

This weeks prompt for Slice of Life is Sneaky Snake Goes Dancin'!!

Hmmm...snakes...I hear they taste good.  Supposedly snake tastes like chicken but I have never ever eaten snake.  Have you?

Speaking of chicken, I'm getting hungry.  How about you??  I could offer you some peanut brittle or maybe mixed nuts!!  I found a great brand.  It looks like this:

It's even "old fashioned", that is always better than new fashioned or modern, don't you think??  

By the way would you like some???  

Here you go, enjoy!!


Ha ha, got ya!!!  

We had one of these mixed nut cans for a long time!  I mean a really long time!!  I don't even remember who gave it to us, but I think it was my brother Mike!!  Evan was the one who had the most fun with that silly thing!!  He just loved to trick people.  He would even get them to shake the can and you could "hear" the nuts rattling in the can!! Then Viol-la!  They would open it and out jumps a snake!! 

It broke about a year ago!  I wonder if Evan would like some peanut brittle for his birthday!!


Texasblu said...

LOL!!! That is an AWESOME take on the prompt! LOVE IT!!! I've never seen one of those - just in movies. :D

hummer said...

That was a fun story... Evan have any snake stories from camp?

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