Monday, November 15, 2010

My Political Ancestor

Thanks to my wonderful husband we have made a very exciting family history find.  On Saturday I found this obituary for my Grandfather, John Thomas Crowley.  I had heard stories that he had served in a political office but didn't know which one. So, I was excited to see his obituary said he had served in Congress. 
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While I was at a meeting on Sunday night, Mike searched Google and found some cool information to verify where my Grandfather had served. 

Here is the cover of a Legislative Souvenir from Massachusetts 1915.

Here is his picture on the bottom right hand corner. 

And these two pages have information regarding the service they provided. My grandfather John Thomas Crowley is on the bottom of the first page and top of the second page. This document includes what committees they served on and also how many votes they received.  It looks like there was 19 votes between him and his closest competitor a member of the Progressive Party.  

He also served in 1917,  I love the cover of this one!!  

You can find him in District Five. 

  I have often wondered why my Dad didn't seem to know much about what exactly his father did politically,  I can see now that it was because he was a little boy at the time.  I'm proud that as a first generation born American my grandfather was concerned enough about our country to serve in that manner.  

I never knew my grandfather, he had died before I was born. Now, I'm filled with questions.  What was it like for him to serve as a State Legislator?  What were his major concerns at the time?  Did it take a lot of time away from his family to serve in this manner?   I wonder if other descendants have or will follow in his footsteps in politics.  

You can find the whole 1917 document by clicking here.  Then chose PDF in the "see other formats" button on the left. The 1915 version is here. It has cool pictures of the meetings rooms for the different committees.  Wow, what would I give for a hard copy of one of those documents??? 

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