Saturday, December 31, 2011


This was the year of the dice game for us!  We received three different dice games for Christmas.

This one is called Left Center Right.  Each person starts with three tokens.  The dice has a  left, center, right and a dot on it.  There are three dice.  If you a roll "left" give a token to the person on your left, if you roll "right" you give to the person on your right, if you roll "center" it goes in the middle and is out of play.  The  best is the dot, because you get to keep your token.  The last person with any tokens win.  This game was fun and was a fast play.

Moose Spotting (Mike collects moose, thus the game) was fun too.  You get so many points for finding a moose when you roll.  This was fun and went fast also and is great for those times you just want a quick little game.

Farkle is such a funny word!!!  This game involves both risk and chance.  You roll dice to get points,  but if you roll and can't count any dice you get a Farkle and have to give up your turn!  This game was fast and fun too!!

Okay, so let's roll!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Our friend Jeremy invited Evan to go ocean kayaking at Avila Beach on Monday.  Evan was excited to go.  He had been kayaking one time before with Jeremy when he was in Boy Scouts.  Evan is not a swimmer, so of course he had on a life jacket as there is always the chance of a tip over.  

Out to San Luis Bay they go smooth as silk. They went out past Harford Pier near Whale Rock where they saw lots of cute sea otters. 

Doesn't that look relaxing. 

Time to come back in. 

Oh man, a tip over into the cold ocean water!  I am so glad that Jeremy is strong.  

(Please forgive my shaky video-photography.  Our other friends Jim and Jordan happened to be a the beach too, and borrowed one of Jeremy's kayaks.  They are first to come in on this video.  They made it safe coming in but had tipped going out. Little Jordan had to be coached to get right back on.  I am glad he did!)

This picture just seems to say, "Wow, I can't believe that happened".

Evan came up with a smile on his face!!  We helped dry him off and sat in the warm sun for a while.  Then guess what!!  They went out again!!  And they tipped again coming back in!! 

Later at dinner, we had the following conversation. 
Me:  Wow, Evan you must really trust Jeremy to go out kayaking with him.  
Evan:  Of course!!  Jeremy is my friend and friends trust friends!!

Thanks, Jeremy, I am so glad you are Evan's friend and he can trust you!  We trust you too!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 1976 and 2011

Just the three of us, Mike, Evan and I were home for Christmas this year.  The last time we had only three home for Christmas was 1976.   The year 1976 was filled with life changing events.  We had our first little one, David who was born in August. I ended my nursing career to become a stay-at-home mom. The end of September Mike was discharged from the Navy after serving for six years in the nuclear power program.  He was ready now to start his career. It took a few months to secure a job.  Finally, he found a job with PG&E at the Humboldt Bay Power Plant.   When Christmas came along that year, we had just moved from Vallejo, California to Eureka, California a few days before Christmas.  We rented a tiny little house, bought a tree on Christmas Eve and learned that for little ones Christmas is all about brightly colored wrapping paper and boxes.  Who needs toys??

Let me at the wrapping paper!
David loved the tree! 

Thirty-five years, 6 children and 8 grandchildren later found us home again for Christmas with just three people.  This time it was Evan at home. We enjoy his child-like innocence.  Of course, he had to get something Star Wars for Christmas!!  No wrapping paper or boxes for Evan. 

We started the season by decorating our home.  Mike loves to put up the Christmas lights and decorations.   This year we decided to hang the big ornaments that usually go on the trees on the house.  I loved it!  It came out beautiful. 

Night-time view

We went to Mesa, Arizona for a few days to celebrate with Rachel the completion of her Master's of Education degree.  It was in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in English as a Second Language.  (Say that three times fast!)   We had a Christmas devotional with Rachel and Joey before heading home.  As always we enjoyed visiting and loved the winter desert weather.  

 Rachel and Joey have two pups, Sasha and Lily.  Lily became Evan's friend!  Sasha wasn't so sure about the wheelchair. 

I love the hoods on the Master graduates! 

 Rachel was smiling pretty big during the ceremony. 

 It takes support from a loving husband to earn a Masters degree while working.  Rachel and Joey celebrating together. 

 We had fun celebrating Rachel's graduation too!!  

Now we are home getting ready for a New Year that I am sure will bring more life changing experiences.  Mike will officially be retired on January 1st. 
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