Saturday, December 31, 2011


This was the year of the dice game for us!  We received three different dice games for Christmas.

This one is called Left Center Right.  Each person starts with three tokens.  The dice has a  left, center, right and a dot on it.  There are three dice.  If you a roll "left" give a token to the person on your left, if you roll "right" you give to the person on your right, if you roll "center" it goes in the middle and is out of play.  The  best is the dot, because you get to keep your token.  The last person with any tokens win.  This game was fun and was a fast play.

Moose Spotting (Mike collects moose, thus the game) was fun too.  You get so many points for finding a moose when you roll.  This was fun and went fast also and is great for those times you just want a quick little game.

Farkle is such a funny word!!!  This game involves both risk and chance.  You roll dice to get points,  but if you roll and can't count any dice you get a Farkle and have to give up your turn!  This game was fast and fun too!!

Okay, so let's roll!!

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