Thursday, June 30, 2011

A couple of weeks ago Evan was invited to be one of the Special Olympics athletes to represent San Luis Obispo County in the Southern California division meet.  He went down on a charter bus with his team Friday night and stayed in the dorms at Cal State Long Beach. Mike and I took a little side visit to see our newest little grandson and the rest of his family first. 

Little Joshua.  What a precious baby!

Kyle with Mr. Potato Head.

Who knew Mr. Potato Head would be a cuddly toy??

Evan gearing up for the big race. 

Speedy Gonzales going down the track!  Who is that screaming manic lady???
Evan won two gold medals!!

After the races it was off to the Expo.  Evan enjoyed a safari.

And helping the FBI!!

It's always great to get a thumbs up from Good Ol' Smokey!!

Special Olympics was very inspiring.  I loved seeing all the Law Enforcement officials out supporting the athletes. I wish I had video of one of the races. As I watched the runners line up, I could see that one of them used forearm crutches.  I thought to myself, well, that's not very fair, how can he ever win.  You should have seen that guy run!  He won the race!!  The crowd went mad!!  The enthusiasm of these athletes is just amazing!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Last week my son-in-law Joey was at scout camp.  Perfect time,  I thought to invite Rachel to come for a visit.  When April heard she decided to come too and brought her two little ones. (Rachel hadn't met Corbin yet.)  What a fun week we had being together.  We went to the lake, the beach, walked the pier, and played together.  I love my family!!  

Enjoy these videos and pictures from our week. 

Evan loves squirt bottles and Star Wars.  But, he hates the movie "The Princess Bride". Everyone else in the family loves it.  The first thing Rachel did was to give Evan some squirt bottles.   On her last visit she gave Evan squirt bottles with Star Wars stickers.   This time was different,  they had stickers from The Princess Bride movie.  He was none to happy, as you can tell in this video.  But, it's all just fun family teasing.  (Katie is on Skype in the background with her little ones.)

 Thomas and Corbin sure do love their mommy.  Corbin especially is a mama's boy, but Thomas had his moments too when only mama would do.  

 Thomas enjoying the slide at Lopez Lake....

and the climbing structure. 

 Corbin tried to climb but didn't get to far. 

 Evan and Rachel are having fun being together.  Can you tell??
Actually they really did have fun together. 

The whole gang that went to Lopez Lake.

 Swinging with grandpa is always fun.  Mike was able to get a couple of days off while family was here, so that was great. 

 We found this great log to walk on at Biddle Park.

What is it about tire swings that make them so fun?

It was fun just to stroll the pier on a beautiful day.

Sword fighting with Thomas.  Am I a cool grandma or what??

We did some yard work together and had little helpers.  Looks like Thomas is directing the action...

and Corbin just loved wearing the glove.  I love this smile!

Corbin was comforted by stuffed animals whenever his mama walked out of the room.  He especially liked our Winnie the Pooh dressed as a bee.

Speaking of costumes, we had fun getting out the costume box. 

Looks like Thomas had something important to say.  He looks like he is acting.

Not sure what to call Thomas a cowboyclownpirate??  Whatever he is dangerous, he'll hook you, tie you up and make you laugh to death!!  What a way to die!!

Thomas got a kick out of looking at himself in the mirror!!

The week just flew by way to fast.  Now the house is quiet again.  Boo Hoo!!  But good news over the summer we will get to see everyone!! 

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