Thursday, January 5, 2012

Central Coast Winter

Monday seemed the perfect day to drive up the coast!   First we stopped at San Simeon State Beach to check out the trails there.

The creek that sometimes flows into the ocean isn't quite making it all the way to ocean just yet.  (Not enough rain this season)  If was a perfect spot for birds to lazily float.

This boardwalk crosses a seasonal marsh which was still dry.  However, we still found things of beauty.

This plant with pompoms was one. 

There were bushes with pretty little red berries. 

And thistles ready to poke if you touched.

This old rusty gate seemed to lead to nowhere.

These little yellow flowers brightened up the dry landscape.

I am still just like a little kid when it comes to crunching leaves. I love the sound and couldn't resist!

 Next we headed to one of our favorite boardwalks at Moonstone Beach.  The ocean here is so beautiful as it crashes over the rocky coastline.

  And these beautiful red flowers reaching for the sky. 

There are birds galore.

I waited for this bird to stretch forth is long neck, but he did not cooperate.

There was lots of little bunnies hopping through the underbrush.  

What a treat!! Winter on the Central Coast is most lovely! 


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