Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two Girls and Two Boys

This past week was Rachel's spring break.  So she flew to Katie's house and then they both drove up here to visit us, along with little Kyle and Joshua!!   We have had fun the past few days.  Tuesday we went to the boardwalk and walked to the butterfly trees.  The butterflies are mostly gone, but we did spy a flew stragglers.  It was fun to be out and enjoy the sunshine.

I could NOT get this photo to flip on Blogger. It is right side up on my computer.  Really weird.  But, it is cute and Kyle had fun walking and swinging!!

Wednesday was Pi day!  It's Rachel favorite day to celebrate.  Who can pass up an opportunity to eat pie!  We went beyond that.  Almost everything we eat that day was a circle.  We started the morning with made-from-scratch whole wheat pancakes, extra tasty with fresh-from-the-stand Central Coast home-grown strawberries.  For lunch, Katie, made us some very yummy home-made pizza.

Then we drove up to Atascadero and enjoyed time strolling the zoo.  Then it was off to music lessons with Uncle Evan.  It sounded like a fun idea to bring everyone.  But, poor Kyle.  We thought he would love it, but something about the building freaked him out, and he had a meltdown.  Oh well, Joshua had a blast.  We love Victoria, she is awesome and very patient.

Then it was home for a light dinner of tortilla wraps with all kinds of goodies.  Oh, I almost forgot pie.  We had a chocolate cream pie and a fresh strawberry pie with lots of whipped cream!!  Yummyness!!!

Thursday we went to Avila Beach.  It was such a lovely beach day.  Kyle loves the ocean!!  Did I mention that Kyle loves the ocean.  Playing chase with the waves was his most favorite thing!!

This was Joshua's first time at the ocean.  He had fun once he woke up!!  He loves his grandpa by the way.

Of course we couldn't go to Avila without stopping at the Avila Barn on the way home to visit the animals.  Kyle had fun feeding the goats.  Oh, he tried to eat the lettuce himself too!! 

Now our house is so quiet again.  I miss everyone!!  :(

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regular grandma said...

What fun pictures. We share some really cute grandsons.

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