Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bob Jones Bike Trail

One of our favorite places to go on Saturday is the Bob Jones Bike Trail. Yesterday we decided that after dinner would be the perfect time. It would be cooler and a lot less crowded. It ended up being perfect. We enjoyed such a peaceful walk/roll.

 Oh, no, here is a sign that greets us to the trail!! 

 We know what to do if a mountain lion is spotted so we continued unafraid. 

This is Evan's Dragon Fly from Rio Mobility.  It just snaps on to his wheelchair and turns it into a hand-cycle.  He can go faster and it works different arm muscles. 

Evan is working hard!!

Most of the scenery is beautiful!!

We pass along the San Luis Creek.  

We almost always see ducks.  

 There are lots of trees and the trail is away from the road so it's peaceful.

Then you come to this!! Rusty poles in the ground!

Strange and lovely at the same time??

Can Evan make it up the hill?? 

We decided to try and get out here on weekdays too!  We certainly all need to the exercise! And it's only a ten minute drive from our house!!  Ask us in another month how we are doing on that??

Where do you like to stroll??

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