Friday, July 19, 2013


We had a very successful family reunion last week at Big Bear Lake in the mountains of Southern California.  We had all six children together for the first time in 4 years.  All ten of grandchildren were there too!   We were sad that Sariah and Joey could not make it!

Some of us camped at Serrano Campground on the North Shore of the lake.  And, some of us stayed in The Cabin, a really cool accessible cabin on the South Shore.

"The Cabin"

Big Bear Lake had lots of fun things to do, from a cool alpine slide, to paddle boats and hikes around the lake.  But, the best thing was just being together.  Being family!

Amy made us all shirts!  I think they came out great!!

Here are some pictures from our four days together!!

All the grandchildren. Joshua, Cindy, Andrew, Mike and Callan, in the back row. And Kyle, Spencer, Aiden, Joanna, Leah, Corbin and Thomas in the front row.  This was NOT an easy picture to get!

All our children, David and Evan in the back, Katie, April, John and Rachel in the front.

Amy, Callan, Aiden and John

Kyle loved the big bed in the master bedroom of The Cabin!!  It was so tall you had to climb a step stool to get on.

Auntie Rachel is the best Aunt ever!!  She took several rides down the Alpine Slide, this one with Thomas!

Katie and Brad guarding the deck from little run-a-ways.

David taking aim! Spencer and Andrew loved the pool table!

The little ones loved the little bridge out front of The Cabin.

Rachel, Aiden, Corbin, April and Thomas just strolling along.

Awe, siblings!! 

Joanna decided to push her own stroller!

Rock climbing with cousins is always fun.

The ever smiling face of Spencer!!

Andrew reminded me of Katie, always wanted to be in the picture!!

Thomas, Andrew and Corbin, just hanging out on a log!
An unusually large mustache!

Katie, Kyle, Joshua and Brad at the Discovery Center.

Paddle boating was harder than it looks.

Unless you are sitting in the back.

Katie holding on to Kyle for dear life.

David just hanging with his sweet girls.

Joanna was a dirt magnet but an adorable one!!

Andrew was our fire builder.

Brad's dutch oven cooking was yummy.

Auntie April and sweet little Callan.

  Matteo and Evan getting ready for a rousing game of Uno!

The best way to travel.  Notice Joshua's forehead??  He got the award for biggest goose egg ever!!

By the way we had several injuries from David and Leah crashing on the Alpine slide, to Evan tipping his wheelchair, and little ones crashing into each other and over their own two feet! Nothing serious happened though.

Kyle and Joanna just chillin' on the asphalt!

Leah was all smiles on the go-cart with her Daddy!

Enjoying dinner together.

Yikes!  A Bear!!

Time to ponder life!

Hey, guys how about some pool!
Leah had fun with all her cousins and I still knew how to french braid after all these years!

Corbin just being Corbin!

Thomas sharing a story! It must have been a good one because Aiden looks surprised.

Thomas had fun decorating cookies!

David speeding on the race track.

It is amazing how a simple thing like a little bridge can entertain children!

Well, this is one way to cross a bridge.  I was amazed the bridge didn't bust!


Saw Dust and Splinters said...

So who is the fat one breaking the bridge: me or Kyle?

Cindy said...

Ha ha, Brad. I didn't mention the word fat!!

regular grandma said...

What a fun reunion. Loved the pictures and commentary.

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