Monday, January 9, 2017

Mother Nature

We have been living in severe drought conditions for the past several years. While our drought is not over yet, so far this season we have had some great storms dump a LOT of water in our area.  What a blessing!!  Last night was no exception.  As we wandered out this morning to check out the Pismo Beach Campground area, we were pretty sure we would find a lake!  And find a lake we did indeed!!  

This is the front of the Pismo Beach North Campground, by Highway One.  Where you see water in the front should be grass and in the background that is the campground!  

We had a geocache hiding in the area under the bushes.  Good thing we took it out last week to dry it off and clean it out! We decided not to return it until after the storm.  Good decision on our part.  I am sure it would have floated away!  

This is the road leading into the campground!! 

This is a view from the trail at the Butterfly Trees.  The water is right underneath the bridge and the trail to the boardwalk is submerged.  

This is a view of the campground once you cross the bridge.  We have seen the campground turn into a lake many times, but never quite this high!!  

The saddest thing to us is that the butterflies disappeared!  The wind was strong last night and apparently they left to find a safer place.  There were rangers out looking for the butterflies.  It was weird not even seeing a single butterfly in the grove.  I hope they come back!!  We love the butterflies!! 

But, the birds were singing a happy tune!!  

I was amazed how fast the ducks found the new lake!! 

 Mother nature always amazes me!

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