Friday, July 7, 2017

Forty-Four Years

When you say the words forty-four years, it sounds like a very long time.  How, then, has the time gone by so quickly.  It is hard to believe we have been married for forty-four years.  I am so grateful for such a wonderful husband.

 We had a fun and full day celebrating our anniversary.  We started out by going on a hike at Kerncliff Park. It was beautiful area that used to be the site of a quarry.  We hiked a boardwalk over the wetland area, forested hilly area and escarpment.  It was so peaceful and quiet. 

After our hike we changed and went to the Toronto Temple. Being in the Temple helps to remind us that we can be a forever family.  The Toronto Temple is beautiful! 

For dinner we drove to Mississauga, a suburb of Toronto and went to the waterfront.  We ate at a cute little restaurant, The Snug Harbor, and then enjoyed a leisure walk.  

When we first arrived in Toronto, on our way to our rental we saw a huge white tent in Mississauga.  We wondered what that was all about and just accidentally found out about this spectacular horse show Cavalia Odeysseo.  We thought that would be a fun thing to see for our anniversary.  It was stunningly beautiful!  I am so glad we went to see it!   If you ever get an opportunity to see this show, DO IT!! 

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