Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Fourth of July in ....Canada

Evan is away at camp and Mike and I decided to visit the Toronto area for our vacation this year!
It just happened to be over Independence Day, so we decided that would be a good day to visit Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.  We have been to the US side twice before, but never the Canada side.  They light up the Falls and have a fireworks so show so, it was perfect!
We spent most of the day and had fun being tourists!  

This is the backside of water! 

We wore yellow poncho's when we were at the bottom of the falls. 

Red poncho's were for the Hornblower Cruise.  It was a blast! 

I loved seeing the Canada flags from the boat with the backdrop of the falls.

We got just a little bit wet!  It was a warm day! 

This was our view at our lunch table in the Table Rock restaurant! 

Further down the Niagara River from the falls there is a whirlpool, with an Aero Car that crosses above on cables!  I still can't believe I rode in that thing!  It was scary but fun.  

This is the view below, there are actually people down there.  It's the American side and somehow there is a trail.  

One of the things we decided to do was walk across the Rainbow Bridge that goes to the United States.  At least could say went spent a part of the day on United States ground. We had to pay a .50 cent toll.  

Here is the border.  We didn't go through customs on the US side, but we had to go through Customs to get back into the Canadian side!  At first I grumbled because it was a long line.  But, I got my passport stamped and that made me very happy.  It is the first stamp in my passport! 

At night they light up the Falls in Red, White and Blue.  It was beautiful! 

We enjoyed fireworks to end our night.  I am grateful for my strong Canadian heritage and equally grateful to live in the USA! 

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