Sunday, September 23, 2007


Yesterday my daughter Katie called to tell me that her brother John and his wife Amy will be visiting them in a couple of weeks. When I hung up the phone I told Mike, "I love it when our kids do things together".

That got me to reminiscing back to when David, my first born, was a baby. I remember one day just sitting back and watching them interact. My heart was filled with such joy. Here was my wonderful husband, the man I loved deeply, playing with my much loved little baby boy. I could feel the love between them and thought, how wonderful when two people you love, love each other too!!

Now it continues. Our kids do things together, even though they are grown and we don't make them be nice to each other!!
And, just a few weeks ago David and his wife came to visit with our little grandson's. They had fun playing with Grandpa too!! Gotta love it!!!

1 comment:

A Flowered Purse said...

aw such beautiful pics!!
:) Lots of love cindy :)

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