Thursday, September 27, 2007

Lucky Number Seven

We have taken the same long boring road trip to Stanford Medical Center seven times this year!! First in January to have Evan evaluated for some breathing issues. Since then he has had three sleep studies, been diagnosed with restrictive lung disease, sleep apnea /hypopnea, and shown to have some cardiac arrhythmias. He has seen the pulmonologist, orthopedist, nephrologist and cardiologist.
Yesterday we saw the pulmonologist and today the cardiologist. And guess what!! They thought he was doing great!! Woo HOO!! He wore a heart monitor for a month and had nothing unusual, so we don't even have to see that doctor again. And the pulmonlogist thought he was doing great on the BiPAP machine!! Makes me happy!! I love the good news!!

Stanford Hospital has the most beautiful gardens. This little garden in a court yard was one my favorite to visit when Evan had his long 41 day hospital stay. It is so peaceful and quiet, no peeping machinery. Just a wonderful place to pray and find comfort. Today, we ran into the gardeners and I made sure to tell them I appreciate all the beautiful flowers!!

We had to stop at the fountain out front before we left. Evan was the first one to spot the beautiful rainbow. Must be a good sign!! Although for some reason he could NOT get to the pot of gold and the end!!

1 comment:

Liz said...

That is a lucky number isn't it? Glad Evan seems to be doing so well!

Those pots of gold are so elusive!!!

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