Thursday, October 4, 2007

I Can't Believe I Did It!

Warm fuzzys is not what I get when I think about the music of Weird Al Yankovic . But, I bought tickets to his concert next week anyway. The things we do for our children!! You see, Evan loves Weird Al. It's so funny, this sweet, innocent, quiet young man, absolutely loves listening to Weird Al. I remember one time when Evan was in the hospital, the doctor came in, saw the headphones and asked Evan, "What are you listening too?" He was so shocked to hear that Evan was listening to Weird Al!!
I'm going too, I just want to watch Evan, watch Weird Al!! I know he will be thrilled!!! It will be fun to watch him laugh!! Maybe I'll just bring earplugs!!

1 comment:

Aprilyn said...

Weird AL is totally hilarious!! I would go in a heartbeat! It's good to know Evan has good taste in humor. Hahaha. I also like that one about Fast Sunday I sent you.

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