Sunday, October 7, 2007

Our Fun Weekend

It's always fun to get together with my kids. This weekend was General Conference. Since John & Amy and Rachel & Joey were congregating at Katie and Brad's house we decided we would crash the party too!! It was fun because John and Amy didn't know we were coming.

It was great to watch Conference together! We all thrilled that Elder Henry B. Eyring was callled as a member of the First Presidency. And Elder Quentin R. Cook had been our Area Authority so it was also exctiing to hear that he was called as a new Apostle.

All the conference talks were touching. I really appreciated Elder Oak's talk about how we spend our time and that some choices are good, but others are better. I need to work on the better choices!! I also am going follow President Eyring's talk to work on recognizing God's kindness in my everyday life.

The other really fun thing our family did was sit down and watch the three new Signing Time DVD's!! It was so fun to see my grandson, Andrew, signing and dancing. Boy does that kid know how to groove. If you click on the video on the Signing Time link he is the little guy dancing at the end!!

Oh, and Brad is such a great cook!! Thanks for all the yummy food!!

Tomorrow we are going to visit Mike's Mom and Dad, then head on home. I'll post pictures when I get home.

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