Friday, October 12, 2007

Oh, The Places You'll Go!!

You ever go somewhere touristy and get a little magnet to remember the trip? My niece recently wrote in her blog about a trip to Vermont and stopping to get a magnet. My husband likes to collect those souvenir magnets. They used to look cluttered on his metal closet door. When I painted my kitchen last year, I came up with a cute idea and thought I would share it!!

I bought a set of inexpensive cookie sheets and spray painted them white. Using the fun 3M velcro hanging strips, I just put the cookie sheets on the wall. A perfect spot to put those magnets. It's fun to look and remember the fun places we have been!!

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Shannon said...

this is great - we do the same thing~ (minus the martha stewart touch of painting...kudos to you for that!) We use the velcro boards to teach our daughter colors, numbers, letters... they are great for the car and motorhome!

For our traveling momento, we collect sand or soil and fill small antique bottles with it. Then we label them with the place and date.

I loved the soccor picture...
Shannon <><

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