Thursday, October 11, 2007

No More Secrets

My friend Aprilyn wants my secrets. My housekeeping secrets that is!! (I can hear my six children laughing!! "Did Mom have housekeeping secrets??? Did she really housekeep??? We tried to thwart her every effort!!) LOL

Well, I did have a secret!! Are you ready!! Drum roll please!!

Lower Standards!! Well, not too low mind you!! But don't set yourself up for something unachievable. I was happy to have my living room and dining room fairly clean and my dining room table cleared off. I still struggle with that. We get inundated with paper work and it inevitably ends up on the dining room table.

The other thing we had that was fun was a big bag with a face on it that ate toys!! I found that silly bag in the closet the other day and just had to laugh!!

I'd love to hear your ideas too!! Seems like I'm always trying to stay organized, it just doesn't come natural to me!! HELP!! Tell me your secrets!!


Katie said...

I could not figure out how to edit my comment. I must not be blog savvy enough. Anyway what I was going to say was that I don't remember a bag that ate toys, but that is pretty funny. Also I think that you passed the dining room table clutter down to me. There are always papers on our table too.

Aprilyn said...

My parents called that bag The Grab Bag! Hahhaha! I've tried to do that with my kids and I think I will succeed soon!!

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