Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank You!!

Thanks everyone I had a great birthday yesterday!! To start off I went to my ward Relief Society "Super Saturday". It was fun to be with all the Sister's. We had service projects going, and crafts to make, and a great luncheon. Rumors spread it was my birthday so everyone sang to me. I made some Christmas presents. They turned out great, I was really jazzed. Too bad, I can't tell you what they are, but I'm afraid of spies!! Here's a clue, they are made of wood.

When I came home I found a bouquet of beautiful flowers from Katie. And a yummy chocolate cake that Evan and Mike and made for me. Mike was wondering what was wrong the frosting!! It was kind of melting!! The cake was still warm on the bottom. Mmmmmm, yummy, warm melting chocolate!! So, we had a little family party.
Here are some of the presents I received. Lovely flowers from Katie. Flowers always gladden my heart!!

Some beautiful Nativities for my collection. (That should have been on my list of things about me, I collect Nativities.) The one on the left is one that Mike got for me when were in Sedona, Arizona, in June, only I didn't know it!! We had gone to visit the beautiful Chapel of the Cross up in the red rocks. They had a gift shop full of Nativities. I was going crazy in there!! I talked Mike into letting me buy two small ones. He paid for them while I got Evan in the car. Mike also purchased the one of the left, and had it shipped it to our home, so I didn't know. It happened to come at a time I wasn't home and had been hiding under the bunk beds all these months.
The one of the left is from David's family. It can hang on the Christmas tree and has little lights on top that change colors. It is very beautiful.
This is a darling Nativity charm bracelet from David and family too!! I can't wait to wear it at Christmas time!!

I also got the Taylor Swift CD from Evan. Thanks Evan, I like her songs.

Then Last night we went to a friends house for a Halloween party. Peace!! Mike and I dressed like old hippies. Evan was a surgeon!! We had a lot of fun!!


Liz said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I like to collect nativities too! Your new ones are sure beautiful!

I am loving the hippy look on you two! Uncle Mike's pants are pretty snazzy!

Suz said...

Great costumes! Evan looks pretty natural with his...get that young man a degree!

Oh! Happy belated! 55 years young!

Katie said...

That is so great! Brad wants to know if you would have found those clothes in your closets in the 60's. :)

Aprilyn said...

You guys are GROOVY! Nice costumes. I'm sure it was easy to dress that way eh?

Aprilyn said...

I forgot to you have the Little People Nativity? We have it and Marshall just loves it!! Of course, I've lost one shepherd but hey, if that's all I've lost, we're doing REALLY good!!

Cindy said...

yes, I love it!! I have the one with the little angel on top of the stable. When you push her, it plays Silent Night. Too cute!! Great one for the kids!!

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