Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Since today is my 55th birthday I thought I would share 55 things that make me me!!

1. I'm shy.

2. And an introvert.

3. I was born in the East.

4. But grew up in the West.

5. I have three brothers.

6. An no sisters (boo hoo) but I do have four sister-in-laws!!

7. I have five half siblings I have never met.

8. I met my wonderful husband at Disneyland.

9. We went to the same high school, were in the same senior English Lit class but never talked to each other.

10. I have been pregnant seven times.

11. My first pregnancy ended in miscarriage, then we couldn't stop having babies. LOL

12. I am a 11 year breast cancer survivor.

13. I am NOT good at math.

14. I used to be a LVN, Licensed Vocational Nurse.

15. I have been a parent for 31 years!! So, I guess I'm still a nurse.

I6. I love my in-laws, they are great people.

17. I love to work in my garden.

18. and watch the birds

19. I love the ocean, but NOT to play in the water. I love the sounds and smells and sights!!

20. I love to camp.

21. Really hot weather makes me grouchy.

22. I used to play the flute in my high school band.

23. I can play the piano just a little bit.

24. I listen to country music.

25. I do not like housework.

26. I consider myself a disorganized person.

27. My family did NOT have a religion growing up.

28. I am a 28 year convert to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

29. I love having the Gospel in my life.

30. I love the peace that being in the Temple brings to me.

31. I love doing my family history and have 707 names in my Personal Ancestry File.

32. I totally love being a grandma!!! Well, who wouldn't with such great little grandsons!!!

33. My maternal grandparents were born in Italy.

34. My paternal grandparents were born in America, they are Irish and French-Canadian.

35. I only had one grandparent alive when I was born.

36. I can't wait to meet my family on the other side.

37. My favorite color is green.

38. My second favorite color is blue.

39. I love being in the outdoors, thus my favorite colors are green and blue!!!

40. I love chocolate!!!

41. I have driven across the country three times in my life.

42. I would love to go again, there is still lots to see.

43. I love Yellowstone National Park.

44. I don't like big crowds.

45. I don't like big cities, especially to live there.

46. I have been on TV a few times!! Thanks Evan for the national Television exposure!!

47. I went to 11 different schools from first grade to high school graduation.

48. I love Christmas!!!

49. I have type 2 diabetes, but not bad. I don't take medicine just watch what I eat and exercise.

50. I hate to fly, but love to look out the window when I do.

51. I never smoked in my life.

52. Or drank alcohol.

53. I sing soprano in the church choir, but have an alto voice!! (I'm working on it)

54. As a teenager, I made a lot of own clothes, but don't sew much anymore.

55. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Without them none of this would be possible.


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Mom!
That was a really fun list!
Love, Katie

nickparkemjamom said...

Happy Birthday Cindy!

So were you working at Disneyland by chance, when you met your hubby!? I worked there, from 91-92!

Great list!!

Cindy said...

We weren't working at Disneyland. We were there for our all night high school graduation party. My group of friends ran into him and his friend getting a hamburger. They hung out with us the rest of the night and we exchanged phone numbers before getting on our separate buses. Interesting because it would have been the last time for us to meet!!

nickparkemjamom said...


That's cool. I worked many a grad night. It was fun!!

What a cute story!

Aprilyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Cindy!! You are a great Toontown buddy and I know you are a wonderful Mom and Grandma. Thanks for your friendship. I love your list. Maybe I'll have to make one on Wednesday for Marshall and on Thursday for me!

A Flowered Purse said...

aw I missed your birthday. When i got sick my blog reading went out the window.
Im so glad you were born, you are truly a special angel in my life.
Love you Lots

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