Friday, November 9, 2007

Fabulous Friday's Forever Family Featuring...

my baby girl and angel daughter, Rachel!! She recently had a birthday so it's a perfect time to feature her!! It's not that she has passed on that I call her my angel daughter. She is alive and well and married to someone with that last name. My lovely 24 year old daughter, Mrs. Angel is a high school math teacher!!

Rachel was my only baby that was born in the middle of the night!! Thank you very much. She was born before the doctor got there, which totally freaked out her Dad, who was telling me to stop pushing!! But, there was no stopping Rachel, when she was ready, she was ready!! And so was I!!

Rachel had quite the temper as a little toddler. She would yell and scream and try to run away. One day I decided to just see how far she would really go and it scared me, the mad little thing was NOT going to stop, off she went all the way to top of the hill. Fortunately she outgrew that phase!! Rachel was the peacemaker of the family. She just always wanted people to be happy.

The caption on this picture tells it all!!
Rachel always loved kitty's. This was a little neighbor kitty that would come visit.

You just gotta love that smile!!

Taking after her mom, Rachel played flute in the marching band.

She ran cross country and track. In fact she ran in the Salt Lake Marathon in 2004.

One of Rachel's first words was purple. It's fun to say cause it kind of pops off your mouth. She still loves purple today. This is her collection of purple bears.

This is the perfect shirt for a math lover!!

In August of 20o1 we sent our seventeen year old baby girl off to BYU!! She loved it there and graduated with a degree in math education!!
Rachel and Joey meet and fell in love on a ballroom dance team.
They were married in the Temple this past summer. It's always great to have our children in one place, and there is no better place than the Temple!!

It was fun to watch them dance their first dance as man and wife. I tried to upload the video but it didn't work.

Rachel has been a delight and joy to raise. I'm so glad she is my daughter. She has grown to be a beautiful women both on the outside and inside. She is a great example to me of faith in living the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you Rachel. Remember who you are!!!


Rachel said...

Thanks mom, I love you too!! Remember who you are!

Lynne W. Snyder said...

Loved the post and loved your daughter's comment. Congratulations on rearing such a fine girl. Our youngest daughter shares the day--she was born at night too but not so dramatic.

Aprilyn said...

It was great to see pictures of your family. What a great tribute.

Liz said...

Happy Birthday Rachel!!!

I remember Rachel when she looked like that sweet little girl with the big smile. :)

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