Saturday, November 10, 2007

An Inspiration

Yesterday, Evan and I had an opportunity to attend a presentation by a remarkable woman named, Marilyn Hamilton. Marilyn is the co-founder of Quickie Wheelchairs. Injured in a hang gliding accident, she found the old clunky 60 pound wheelchair unacceptable. With the help of hang gliding friends a lighter wheelchair was invented. That first wheelchair was created in an old shed. Today, hundred's of Quickie Wheelchairs are made in one day at the Sunrise Medical Plant in Fresno, California. When Evan was working on his Eagle project to collect wheelchairs for developing countries he was invited to tour the plant where they make wheelchairs. At the end of the tour they donated 30 wheelchairs to his project and we were able to meet Marilyn Hamilton.
It was fun to meet her again. She is full of life and enthusiasm. She was great to encourage Evan in his bowling!! Marilyn is extremely fashionable. I noticed that her wheelchair was immaculate, with a very cool paint job and lighted front wheels. It matched her clothes or her clothes matched her wheelchair!! Evan is a boy so his was dirty!!! LOL

I love to meet great roll/role models like Marilyn. She faced her challenge and achieved so much. Her Quickie wheelchair design was revolutionary for the wheelchair industry. I'm so glad that Evan can have the sporty light weight wheelchairs that are standard today for those living with paralysis. Marilyn's theme is "Conceive. Believe. Acheive!! I think that is an important concept for all of us!!

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