Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh My, Tagged Again

This time my friend Aprilyn tagged me to tell six things about myself. You people are so lucky you get to know more about me!! Here goes!!

Number One: I raised three sons that are Eagle Scouts and my three daughters each married an Eagle Scout!! Pretty cool, huh??

Number Two: I love to hear jokes, (clean ones that is), but I can never remember them to retell. Jokes just do not stick in my brain. Maybe if it was set music that would help, because songs stick in my head all the time.

Number Three: Please don't laugh, but when I was around thirteen years old, (you know the time you really dislike your parents?) I wanted to run away and join the roller derby!! LOL Too funny to think about now!!

Number four: I was named after a pin up girl. That's right!! My Dad had a pin up calendar and he liked this one redheaded girls name. How could my mom let him do that to me! My middle name however is after my moms best friends mother who was like her own mom growing up!! Got it??

Number five: I gave birth to my first five children naturally and never once yelled!! No, meds no epidural, nothing, nada!! My pain threshold is obviously high. Evan was a C-section so that doesn't count!!

And last but not least Number six: My husband and I fell in love writing letters. We have boxes filled with love letters. Okay, let's hear a collective AWE!!

Thanks Aprilyn that was fun!! Since I tagged seven people last week and that was hard since I don't know many people, I will just let you all tag yourselves only if you want!!


Katie said...

That was a great list! I am going to name my children Harry, Ron, and Hermione. :P

Cindy said...

No you are NOT!!!

Rachel said...


Pam's Place said...

You are awe-some!

Jenny-ology said...

thank you for the nice comment. It seems we love alot of the same books and things.
That is really sweet about the love letters.
I also think the baby countdowns on the sidebar are so cool.

David said...

So, I want to see all those love letter. You should publish them in a book.

Aprilyn said...

Ooooh! Katie, I think you should name your kids Harry, Ron and Hermoione. At least use Hermione...that's cool!

Thanks for the list Cindy. I'll do it again when I get a chance. I have a little boy calling my name now...."MOMMY!!! I NEED YOU!"

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