Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I found this great idea on Cara's blog.
And I decided I'm going to be a part of the 52 Blessing's Project.
Here is how Cara described the project:

"Once a week post a photo of something you are most grateful for. This gives us a chance to reflect on the good things we have learned from or that have made us better in our everyday lives or things we just enjoy! I think everyone needs to be more grateful for what they have now days instead of always thinking about what we want! This is one of the things we can do to be more gracious people. It will be like a photo gratitude journal."

I'm already a week behind so I will start today and add another one later this week.

52 Blessing Project
(Week One)

I'm grateful for the light of each new day. I'm up before sunrise, and I'm always grateful to catch a glimpse of the beautiful colors in the morning sky! It always brings back a special memory of walking on the beach one morning all by myself. When I turned around there was the most beautiful colors in the sky...reds, oranges and pinks. Since I was alone I felt like that sunset was there just for me. I felt a most overwhelming feeling of love, almost like Heavenly Father put his arms around me!! The creations do testify of Him!!

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Liz said...

I am working on doing something like this as well. A friend of mine posted about this a week ago, but my internet is not working on the desktop, so I haven't been able to access the pictures I need. So, I will probably be 2 weeks behind. :)

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