Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Candy Dish or Cereal Bowl???

Aren't the colors beautiful on this bowl that Evan made a few weekends ago?? He went to the UCP Teen Club at Red Hot Pottery one Saturday a few weeks ago and made this lovely creation. Green and Blue are my favorite colors. So I love this bowl.

However, to Evan it is NOT, I repeat NOT a bowl!! It is a candy dish!! Don't those M&M's look beautiful in this bowl? I agree, they are beautiful, but they are evil M&M's full of sugar and tempting to me!! M&M's are not good for people who have diabetes!!

Now, doesn't this look better. It's just innocent Rice Krispies. Add a little orange juice, some toast and you have a very nice breakfast!! And, the best thing is, Evan would eat it in the morning and the beautiful bowl would be empty the rest of the day!!

However, Evan did not gift the bowl to me. He made it!! It's his!! And it can be whatever he wants it to be because he is an adult!! We have had this discussion several times this week. If you know Evan he is stubborn that way. Once his mind is set, it's set!! When he came home from power wheelchair soccer today and saw his bowl full of cereal he said, "MAAAAAAOOOOOM" . I love it when he says that!! He said the cereal looked "tacky" in the his colorful bowl!!

When I was young and didn't have diabetes, but my Dad did, I made chocolate chip cookies all the time. I put those cookies out and just expected him not to eat them because he knew it was bad for him. How rude was that, just to put that temptation in someone's face?? I think this is pay back time for me.


April & Matteo said...

It is a beautiful bowl! I am empathetic to both your plight and Evan's. Though this made me laugh, because I can just hear, see and taste this entire scene in my mind! Evan will have to a make a cereal bowl for you the next time he goes to Red Hot Pottery!

Catherine said...

I order one bowl, just the same, Evan, same colors ( you have good taste, really), and if nobody wants them, I also take the M&M.
I love craft, that's an other "interest", one more! Specially these creations made with "children's heart".

AddiEphriaMom said...

that is too funny!!! i love the bowl! the colors are awesome! my favorites are green and purple. and with green it's the uglier the better!

you can always sneak a use while he's not home! ;)

April & Matteo said...

Now that I think about it, I would like to place an order also. I think Evan has found a micro-business here.

Katie said...

I am calling Evan right now to ask him about his beautiful bowl!

Aprilyn said...

How funny..how Evan! Marshall is like that too..very stubborn. I love the
colors too..they are my favorite!

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