Wednesday, February 20, 2008


My little five year old grandson, Andrew, called me up this morning, just to let me know he heard on the news there was going to be rain storms in California!! What a sweet little boy!! It made my morning just to hear his little voice and to know he was thinking about me!!

Andrew, I love you!! Can't wait to see you again!! One more month!! Woo Hoo!!


Catherine said...

Sometimes we're too busy to stop and say to ourselves : "How lucky I am, this Moment forms part of those I must remember for ever!" Even little kindnesses that could be lurking. It's a kind of wisdom not to let these moments go.
Thanks to recall it to us. How I understand you on many points.

Matilda said...

Aren't grandkids the BEST!! My Emma, calls my mom all the time!

You're a lucky Gramma!

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