Tuesday, February 12, 2008

One Hundredth Post - Temples

I wanted to do something special for my hundredth post. I saw this on my niece's blog and totally loved the idea. This post is in honor of President Hinckley and the vision he had that temples would dot the earth. I was amazed when I read Liz's post and saw all the Temples she had either attended or visited. I didn't think I had been to that many until I started making a list and was amazed!! I still want to see and attend many more.

I love the Holy Temple! I love the peace that I feel inside. I love the Spirit that is there. I love that I can bind my family for all time and eternity in the temple!!
The Oakland California Temple is MY temple!! On May 12, 1979 our little family went to the Temple for the first time. David was three and April was one year old. David remembers a little bit of that day. Before it was time to bring the children into the sealing room, I could hear David outside calling for his Mama!! So sweet! It was a truly wonderful day to have our family sealed for time and all eternity! My wonderful sister-in-law, Laurel sat by my side. Mike's brother Richard sat by his to help us that first time!! We went back several times and had work done for our ancestors!! The special thing about this temple is that it sits high on a hill. During the energy crisis of the late 70's, they turned off the lights at night time. But low and behold, sailors used the Temple light as a guide and requested the lights to go back on. Isn't that lovely imagery!! The Temple is truly a light in my life!!

The Los Angeles California Temple is currently my temple!! I shared an experience that I had there in December on my blog. There is a special place in my heart for this Temple. My daughters and Katie and April were both married in this temple!! Many of my ancestors have had work done in their behalf at this Temple. Inside is a most beautiful staircase and chandelier!!

We took our family to the open house of the San Diego Temple in 1993. This is a totally gorgeous Temple. David and John married their beautiful brides in this Temple. John and Amy are currently Temple workers here. This Temple sits right beside a very busy freeway, yet it is peaceful inside. The Celestial room in this Temple reaches to heaven with beautiful stain glass windows.

The Mesa Arizona Temple was the setting for Rachel and Joey's wedding last summer. The pictures of this temple do not do it justice! Inside, the murals and writings over the doorways are lovely.

The Provo Temple is one of the busiest Temples in the world. We had the opportunity to attend this temple on one of our visits to David and family.

Katie lives in the Redlands Temple district. I was able to go to a sealing session here. It has beautiful stain glass windows

What can I say about the Salt Lake Temple? It is fantastic. Almost every time we travel to Utah we go to Temple Square. Mike and I did take the opportunity to attend a session here, once and had a wonderful experience. The sacrifice that went into building the edifice is amazing!!

One summer Katie and I took a drive just to attend this small Temple in Fresno, California!! It is beautiful and we had a great day together.

The Manti Temple is one of my favorites inside. I love how it sits on a hill and can be seen for miles.
Last Christmas we took same family names to the Mt Timpanogos and had a wonderful time in the sealing rooms.
The Orlando temple is where Richard and Laurel currently serve. Mike attend our nieces weddings here. We attend a session when we visited one summer.

The following Temple are ones that we have only been on the grounds, because we were just traveling through, or we had little ones with us. It amazes me the tranquil feeling on Temple grounds. Maybe someday we will make it inside.
The Sacramento Temple is California's newest Temple. It is surrounded by a grove of trees that used to be a campground. It is a very peaceful setting.
We were in San Antonio Texas soon after this Temples dedication. It is very beautiful.
I totally love the grounds of the Seattle WashingtonTemple. It makes me think of the Garden of Eden when I'm there. There is even a lovely secret garden and we saw the cutest little bunnies merrily hopping around. The Washington, DC Temple stands like a fairy tale castle off the busy freeways!!
The Snowflake Temple is surrounded by desert and a golf course!! The Temple Hill is very peaceful. I loved the waterfall.

We have passed the Saint George Utah Temple on travels many times and have enjoyed the Visitors Center. It stands as a beacon!! Maybe one day we will go inside!!
We used to live an hour from the Idaho Falls Temple, before we were members of the Church. It is on a beautiful setting next to the Snake River.
We have seen the Jordan River Temple many times on our travels. It's a fun temple to spot from the freeway.
The Las Vegas Temple was hard to find but worth it!! It sits far away from the hubbub of the strip!!
We have traveled to Nauvoo twice. Once before the new Temple was rebuilt and then again in 2005. The Temple here is amazing!! We attended the pageant in 2005. It was incredible. The Temple as the backdrop was awe inspiring. I'm so happy this grand Temple was rebuilt.

We were only able to briefly see the Palymra Temple. Someday I want to attend here!! The Sacred Grove is so close. This is the perfect place for a Temple. The place where it all began!!


Katie said...

That is a pretty good list. I would like to see Liz's blog. These are the temples I have been inside: Los Angeles (my endowment and sealing), San Diego, Fresno, Redlands(my temple), Newport Beach, Las Vegas, St. George, Mt.Timpanogas, and Salt Lake. I almost forgot Mesa. I don't think Rachel would have liked that. :)

Liz said...

Very cool! You have almost been to or seen as many as I have. You've been to a few that I have not as well. So cool how many temples CA has now!

Dancin Queen said...

What a great 100th post!

I live just down the street from the Timpanogos Temple!

Cindy said...

I would love to live next to a temple!! All my married children live less than 30 minutes from a Temple. They are so lucky!!
Our Temple is three hours away. So it takes planning and just about a whole day to go. I wish I could attend more often, but I just do the best I can!!

Laurel said...

Cindy I love your list of temples. I remember going to the Oakland Temple with you, Mike and the kids. What a great adventure we had. It was a wonderful time.

Catherine said...

As grandiose as our Cath├ędrales! How many years to build square Temple Utah? I didn't even imagine there was so many important Temples in U.S. I will go on Wikipedia to fill this gap.

Cindy said...

Yes, they are as beautiful as Cathedrals!! Many of them were designed after Cathedrals. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints currently has 125 Temples world wide!! You can see more pictures and find more interesting facts here: http://www.ldschurchtemples.com/ .

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