Monday, March 31, 2008

Captions Please


I thought it would be fun to ask for captions for some of the pictures of our Family weekend. The best caption gets a prize!!
So have fun.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9
Disclaimer: Our family does NOT drink any alcohol. This is sparking cider.

Photo 10


Katie said...

LOL!! Those are hilarious! I will think of captions later. I am sure Brad can think of some too.

Katie said...

Okay, here goes:
1. I got a jellybean stuck in my nose.
2. "Look what I got at Uncle John's wedding!"
3. The easter egg was this big!
4. Thank you to all my adoring fans!
5. Oh no! The baby's coming!
6. Haha! I got you now!
7. "BURP" Excuse me!
8. Evan: It says here you must be at least two feet apart from each other at all times.
9. Yay! I love sparkling cider!
10. You brought the cider!

Brad said...

Brad says:
1. Look at me! I can scratch my nose without hands!!
2. Mommy look what I found in your purse!
3. Don't worry I have Evan's spare tire right here.
4. WHAT!?
5. Please tell me what you REALLY think of strawberries.
6. I know beds are limited but can you please sleep with your own parents?
7. I don't know what you find so interesting, but this is boring!
8. Poetry Corner, by Evan Price
9. What happends in Vegas stays in Vegas, right?
10. Katie needs protection from the paparazzi because she is so popular, isn't she? (Don't answer that, it's a rhetorical question.)

Laurel said...

1. Oink, oink too many twinkies.
2. Let me show you how its done.
3. Jello jigglers yum yum
or Puddin and Pie
4. Tomorrow is only a day away!
5. there was an ole woman who swallowed a fly...and it wiggled and jiggled inside...
6. John wears the sleep mask!
7. 3 smiles, a grimace and a yawn
8. The headbone is connected to the chest bone, the hand bone is connected to head bone, the other hand bone is connected to the thigh bone...
9. Oh what a relief it is...
10. No you can not date my wife!

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

My brain is dead and I can't think of a funny to save my life. But, the others have thoguth of some good ones. My favorite is #2 from Brad. Ha ha. Or maybe #2 from Katie. I just can't decide.

Catherine said...

I can't participate, I don't know your children's name! but I can tell you, Cindy, my favorite caption :
katie : 10 "You brought the cider!"
brad : 6 "...can you sleep with your own parents?" very funny. and 8 "poetry corner"by Ewan Price.
laurel : 10 "no you can not date my wife"it really "suits" (can I use this word?) with the picture.
I know, it's unfair every child has won!
Nice contest.
I will come back if someone makes other propositions.

April & Matteo said...

1. The kids will never find the Easter egg Uncle John has cleverly hidden in his face!
2. Being too chic for shooting ordinary rubber bands, a young debonair gentleman finds a fashionable alternative.
3. Leah: “Don’t tell me I have another cousin on the way Uncle Brad!” OR Dad: “Hey, I’ve just found an Easter egg in Evan’s face! Who taught him to do that?”
4. (A rare photo indeed) Joey: “Oh my dear sweet Rachel, something’s come between us!”
5. Half a dozen nuts pose after eating a dozen donuts.
6. Amy: “Why couldn’t we have stayed at the Madonna Inn?”
7. Leah wonders why they call it “Star Wars” instead of “Star Bores.”
8. Joey: “This story is putting me to sleep.”
9. Katie: “It’s okay, Brad’s driving.” OR “It’s okay, Brad’s carrying the baby.” (Refer to #3)
10. Brad: “I thought I told you to stop taking my picture!”

Susan, Susie, Suz said...

I can only think of in this case it is quality, not quantity!

#1. "After years of ignoring his mother's warnings, John's face finally froze that way."

Liz said...

1. Haagh! I think I swallowed a bug!!

I can't really think of any for the others, but the first one of John was the most captionable!

Aprilyn said...

1. My Mom said if you twist your face like this it will stick. I think she's wrong.
2.SPENCER! I'm gonna nail you with my underwear slingshot! LOOK OUT!
3.Watch it wiggle, see it jiggle, Jell-O's put the wiggle in my belly!
4.I told you he could sing! You owe me 5 bucks!
5. How does it go again? Hear no evil, speak no evil, lick no evil, show the baby in your belly no evil??
6. Andrew: "This is the coolest toy ever! It can spin and bounce and throw things, and, and, and..
Spencer: "Andrew, can't you see we're all trying to sleep?"
7. Leah's final note on the subject. I WANT TO EAT...lalalalala..
8. Evan: "And then Quigon leaped into the air, nearly missing the deadly blows meant for him. He yelled to Obi Wan but no need. Obi Wan's reflexes are faster than ever..
(Others pictured here:) Yawn..oh, really?
9. I always (hiccup) wondered (hiccup) what this stuff tasted (hiccup) like (hiccup).
10. Did you get my wife drunk? That's it...YOU and me...outside NOW!

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