Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catching Up

Well, I just realized I have lots of catching up to do. I had photo's from our vacation I wanted to share. So here goes!!

First off is little Leah. Now, be honest, isn't she totally adorable!! When we first got there and I picked her up and started to play with her she just wailed!!! I felt so bad!! But it take didn't very long for her to get used to her Grandma and "Papa". We were getting darling smiles in no time!!

Here is David with a shirt he received that suits him perfectly!!

David with his very happy proud parents!!

David with his masters hood.

I love Temple Square in the spring time. The flowers are just incredible!!

We headed for home on Interstate 50, across the salt flats. This was a new adventure for us. It was a very windy, kind of stormy day and we got some beautiful pictures. It was fun to see the hail up ahead!!

The Salt Flats kind of looked like, or maybe water. I was surprised when I touched it it was hard and stuck together. Very weird, indeed.

We spent some time driving around Lake Tahoe! The water there is the most incredible blue you have ever seen!! Very beautiful.


SuperCoolMom said...

DARLING baby! Love the Hood, mine is in the costume box - very handy for Harry Potter fans! Wow! Tahoe looks gorgeous! I've never been there.

Catherine said...

Leah is so cute, I get some pictures of my daughter laid down, just the same! I love her smile and I imagine you behind the camera trying to make her smile.
So, your son is sarcastic! Hope he laugh at himself too!
And, to finish your pictures are awesome. We don't get such landscapes here. I would like to see Lake Tahoe! and more than that, to dip my feet in it. Now, I'm compeled to go and visit Google map, to study american geography!

Laurel said...

Great pictures. I too love Temple Square and for that matter the landscaping at BYU in the spring. I love the daffodils, iris, and the tulips. It is just so beautiful.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

Sarcasm is anger turned sideways. Don't tell him I said so. I couldn't handle the sarcasm that might come my way.

The photos are great. Leah is indeed TOTALLY adorable.

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