Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More About the House

Twenty-three years ago we had outgrown our smaller home where we were living. We wanted to move closer to Mike's work place. So the search began for a house to raise our then five children. Evan hadn't been born yet. We wanted a house that we could stay in for a long time. It was important to me not to move around a lot. Mainly because when I was growing up my family moved all the time. I went to eleven different schools from Kindergarten to high school graduation!!

Mostly we looked at two story homes. The thought of a two story house didn't bother us, it sounded kind of fun! And besides that is the just way most of the four bedroom homes here are built. Our Realtor was friends with a fellow Realtor who told him about a house that was going to be listed soon. It wasn't even on the market yet. So, he drove us by this house and we parked in front to just look at the outside. I fell in love with the house at first sight!! I was so excited. "Mike this is the house for us". It took a few days to get things arranged so we could take a look inside. When we stepped inside the wonderful smell of spaghetti sauce was very enticing! We just totally fell in love with this house. It was like this house was meant to be just for our family! We felt so fortunate that everything went fairly smooth so we could buy this house.

It was a few years after was Evan born, when he had just started using a wheelchair that it hit me. How fortunate we were to have a house that was all one story!! Did Heavenly Father direct us to this house? Did He know that we would eventually need a house that had no stairs? Well, I just don't believe in those kinds of coincidence. I know that we were guided here, that this was meant to be our home!! I am overwhelmingly blessed!!


Aprilyn said...

Your house is wonderful! I'm glad Heavenly Father directed you there. I'm sorry you are feeling lonely for your grandchildren. I think my mother-in-law feels the same way too.

Catherine said...

Your sensible to scents.
I like entering in a house where I can smell clean laundry. It reminds me my nanny's home. And when my laundry is drying, I have the same feeling to go back in my childhood.
Your house seems to be the mark of your entire family. I'm sure your children like to go back home, this house contains their memories too.

SuperCoolMom said...

Love these memories. Isn't it amazing how the Lord takes care of us.

Laurel said...

Memories...Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve's spent together at one house or the other. Fun times. Memory Lane can be so full of rich memories of time spent together.

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