Sunday, August 10, 2008

52 Blessing Project - Week Thirty-Two


This week I'm especially grateful for doctors. It amazes me how much they have to know, and how much education they have obtained. I would like to share with you one very special doctor that I especially appreciate.

Dr. Bravo will always have a special place in my heart. When Evan came home as a newborn after spending 17 days in the hospital, enduring two surgeries, he was a very medically fragile baby. He had been diagnosed with a rare and life threatening kidney disease. Our pediatrician at the time, just didn't seem to have a handle on things. I also didn't like the attitude she had taken with me when I had told her the baby I was carrying would be born with spina bifida and hydrocephalas. She asked if I understand how serious his condition was, and reading between the lines I felt she wanted me terminate the pregnancy.

Anyway, the day I took Evan in and she refused to allow me to stay with him while she took blood, was the day I decided to find another doctor for Evan. I asked a friend who worked as an OB nurse t o recommend a pediatrician. She told me about this young doctor who had saved some babies lives. We made an appointment and I brought in my tiny little four week old newborn baby to see Dr. Bravo. The first thing he told me was, "I want you to know that I admire you for having this baby!". Wow! A doctor who understood that Evan's life was precious to his family!! Dr. Bravo was open and honest and valued my opinion and thoughts as a mother. On that first visit he even told me the name of Evan's kidney disease, which other doctors just dismissed as "possible premature kidneys". When Evan needed a blood draw, which was so difficult lab techs could not do it, Dr. Bravo let me hold Evan while he did took the blood. For a while this was a weekly occurance.

Dr. Bravo has been there through almost twenty one years of medical challenges and miracles. He openly acknowledges the Lord's hand in Evan's life. I have his home phone number and was one of the first parents who had his e-mail address. I try very hard to not abuse that privilege and his privacy. We were honored to have Dr. Bravo speak at Evan's Eagle Court of Honor. Dr. Bravo is a shining example a doctor who cherishes all life!!


Aprilyn said...

That is a wonderful blessing! What a great doctor. I'm glad you have a good one.

Laurel said...

A wonderful doctor! I am glad you found him and he has stayed with you all these years. It speaks volumes of his character!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

WoW! What a wonderful blessing to have an understanding Dr.!

April and Matteo said...

I'm trying to find a good pediatrician for Thomas. It's a daunting task. You certainly were blessed to find Dr. Bravo. I remember that little outfit Evan is wearing in the picture. So cute!

Sandy said...

The "Right Doctor" makes all the difference! And one who recognizes God's hand in all things is a keeper!

Gretchen said...

I love that man.... we have only been with him about hte last 8 years.... but he blesses me every time we go in!

Thanks for telling me who you were when you commented on my blog yesterday Cindy! I do remember you guys! I also rememeber running into you at Easter Seals things before they closed.

I would love to get together sometime... I am mostly free during school hours, as long as Nat is in school (which is not so often recently... we have been having a rough run of it!) Are you still in south county? we could meet in th iddle in SLO?

Now I know who you are when you comment :-) It is always good ot have friends!

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