Sunday, August 10, 2008

Our Spontaneous and Quick Trip

Mike unexpectantly was able to take last week off. So, guess what we did??

Of course!! We went to see some of our children, the northern ones!! (In a few weeks we will see the southern ones, that trip has been planned for a long time.) We also spent some time looking at a few houses, but decided we aren't moving anywhere, yet anyway!!

Anyway, first we went to see sweet little Tommy. Of course his parents April and Matteo were there. It was fun to see them, the weather was great, the skies clear from smoke and we had an enjoyable time!!
April made us some yummy cookies!! She even told Evan he could have a cookie if he changed a diaper. So......

he did with some help. "It's not an uncle's job" however we learned afterwards.

Then we headed to Utah!! We had fun playing with Spencer, Andrew and Leah. At first Leah was not quite sure about Grandma and "Papa", but she was able to warm up to us.

Spencer is a young man after my own heart. This budding genealogist loved to draw pictures of his family members, including the birth date and hang it on the refrigerator.

Here is a close up!

We took Andrew and Spencer over to the hotel pool (with permission of course) and had a wet time playing in the water. Thank goodness I was the one with camera, heaven forbid a picture of me be taken in a bathing suit!!

If you live in Utah and haven't been to Tucanos yet, you better get yourself down there. This Brazilian barbeque was a fun place for us to have lunch. They had a great salad/buffet bar, and then the best part, they come around to your table with meats and veggies on skewers that have been grilled and serve you right there. Yummy in the tummy!!

Looks like someone ate a little too much!!

Oh, I forgot to tell you, Katie was in Utah attending an organ workshop at BYU, so we got a spend a little time with her too!! Can you tell how kind Evan is to his sister???

It was fun to sit next to Andrew at the Tucanos!!

The last night we were there we got to see Leah's milestone of sitting up!! Andrew was so excited for her, it was so cute!! I miss seeing these things so it was nice of her to sit up when I was there.


Laurel said...

How fun to have an extra trip and be able to visit grandchildren. I know you enjoyed every minute of it.

Amy P. said...

What a blast that must have been. Poor Evan, was the cookie worth it? Leah sure has grown up a lot!

Katie said...

That picture of Evan is priceless!!

April and Matteo said...

Uncle Evan was a good sport about the diaper, and luckily Tommy didn't pee on him. Katie looks shorter than Evan. What's that about?

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