Thursday, August 28, 2008

These Men Are Wonderful

The Elders Quorum Presidency along with their children came over last night to surprise Evan with cake and ice cream for his birthday. How sweet is that? Evan was very surprised when they came to the door. For a moment I didn't think he was going to let them let in. LOL. Anyway, I was very touched they cared. They work hard to make sure Evan feels an important part of the Quorum. Anyway, it worked out great since Mike was working a lovely 12 hour graveyard shift, which makes celebrating kind of hard. By the way, Evan got a cell phone for his birthday!!

Bro. Larsen, Wyatt, Dylan, Bro Christianson, Bro O'Donnal, Nick

Bro O'Donnal, Nick, Bro Gardner (one of my favorite people in the whole world, I will have to tell you about him in another blog post) and Evan, just chatting!!

Lighting all those candles takes time now!!

Kanyon had the best seat in the house.

Little Sayge was just totally bored by the whole thing.

The birthday song. By the way, I thought Evan did extremely well blowing out candles. This has been something that is very hard for him to do in the past. I guess his BiPap machine at night must be helping with his restrictive lung disease.


Katie said...

Of course he goes right for the frosting the second the candles are out!

Sarah Gomberg said...

That is really cool that the EQ Presidency came over to celebrate Evans birthday. I am sure they don't do that for everyone. just think about all the cake they would have to eat.

Happy 21st Evan!

Matteo said...

Looks like fun!

Laurel said...

I am glad that they came to celebrate Evan's birthday. Sorry we called and interrupted the celebration.

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